Alone With Your Thoughts

Episode 025: Stephanie just drove from Colorado, to Key West, and all the way up to New Hampshire in 3 weeks. With so much time spent on the road, by herself, she was naturally left with nothing but time to process her thoughts. In this episode Stephanie shares all of the grand epiphanies that came to her while driving long roads through half of the country. Things like, what it's REALLY like to work for yourself, why she had crippling anxiety at one point, and why Key West is not over yet are some of the epiphanies she shares. The main focus of the episode is probably when, for the first time ever, Stephanie opens up about how men have treated her since she was a young girl, and now as a single woman living on her own. This episode is full of interesting facts, ideas, and stories. Tune in!


Intro song:

‘Feels’ - Kiiara

Outro song: 

'Grandmothersphere' - East Forest



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