Are you an empath who feels most relaxed around animals? As you've advanced in your spiritual evolution, do you feel a stronger sense of connection to your pets? In this week's episode, Certified Animal Communicator Rose Proud comes on the show to discuss how to telepathically communicate with our fur babies! Rose is a Certified Hypnotherapist and has studied energy healing, meditation, natural medicine and remedies, along with numerous spiritual growth practices. But throughout her entire journey of personal growth, Rose has always felt a particular affinity for the energy of animals.

In this eye opening episode, Rose discusses how she got into Animal Communication, shares a bit about the animals she's worked with, and then channels Stephanie's pug Jeff to see what he has to say.

Tears were flowing, jaws were dropping...this episode is that good. Tune in now!

*Mercury Retrograde Moment: due to having our guest via phone, you will hear static at times in the episode. We tried our best to edit it out... thank you for understanding!

To contact Rose: or find her on Facebook by searching 'Animal Communicator Rose'

She also has a Radio Show where she does free readings, live on air! Check that out here: 

Call in @ (646) 595-4274
Interested in becoming an Animal Communicator? Check out the school Rose went to:

Animal Communication Class w/ Jolee Wingerson

Special thank you to Cal at Storm Sessions for editing this weeks episode!

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Intro song:

“Feels” - Kiiara

Outro song: 

“Find” - Shallou, Kasbo & Cody Lovaas

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