Now Available as an instant download, to help you during this Retrograde/Eclipse season.

Is there someone in your life you wish to peacefully let go? You know this person is toxic for you, yet they continue to plague your thoughts. You just can’t stop thinking about them, or going back to them… even though you know you need to stop and cut all ties.

Join host of Lightworkers Lounge Podcast, Stephanie Powers, as she guides you through the process of cutting an energetic cord attached to someone you no longer wish to exchange energy with. Or, to cut a 'dirty' cord and form a brand new one; a fresh start with someone!

This powerful meditation was recorded to the background tone of 963Hz, the Frequency of Source. This tone will assist your subconscious with uprooting the energetic cord for good, and allowing new, healing energy to enter into your field from the crown chakra. This meditation can also induce heavy visualizations.

Thank you for purchasing this Guided Meditation, which directly supports the Lightworkers Lounge Community... we really appreciate your support <3


Sending Love.

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