Episode 050: If you've read every self-help book out there but still get triggered by life...If you've tried all of the spiritual practices you can get your hands on and continue to feel blocked...this episode is for you.

Join host Stephanie Powers as she brings on her Emotional Health Consultant or 'Spiritual Therapist', April Adams! In this in depth episode, they dive into what it's like uprooting toxic beliefs from the subconscious, ridding yourself of ancestral trauma, and using energy work to clear all that no longer serves you, from your energy field. Stephanie shares what it's like to work with a counselor who is open to discussing Twin Flames, Astrology and the like. April gives her best advice to anyone seeking a career in a field like hers. Join them now for this amazing episode that will stick with you forever!

*To book a session with April, visit her website www.apriladams.org
She accepts local as well as long distance clients.


April Adams is an Emotional Health Consultant, Author, Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach, Meditation Trainer, and Marconic Level III Practitioner. She specializes in combining the power of the mind with the power of the spirit in order to create the best possible life. 

She is the creator of The Essence Healing System and author of the books "Essence: Ending Emptiness, Finding Fulfillment", "Less Logic More Wisdom: Surviving The Shift With Your Sanity Intact". Her newest release is a workbook entitled "Crack The Longing Code."



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‘Feels’ - Kiiara

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‘Misty Morning’ - Sol Rising

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