During a Spiritual Awakening a lot of people realize what they're doing for a career no longer resonates with them. You either find your higher calling, or become utterly confused about what to do next. In this week's episode, Astrologer Tara Jade Nichols joins host Stephanie Powers to discuss the basics of Astrology, as well as how to use your Birth Chart to discover your life's purpose.


Tara Jade Nichols is an Alchemy of Healing -- she went from working in the spa industry, to massage therapy, and now harnesses her powers to work as an Astrologer, Tarot Divinator, Soul Coach, and she even hosts retreats and ceremonies!

To work with Tara, visit her website at www.TaraJadeNichols.com and find her on Instagram: @tarajadestar


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Outro song: “Truth” - Shallou

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