Episode 027: Lightworkers Lounge host Stephanie Powers is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and has reversed an autoimmune disease through a holistic lifestlye. In this episode, Stephanie shares her entire holistic bath/beauty routine from whitening her teeth with banana peels to using limes for deoderant. She also shares tips on how to keep your home completely toxin free. Because let's face it -- if we aren't at our healthiest physically, we cannot be at our healthiest spiritually.
So grab a pen & paper and tune into this episode now - it's a must listen!

Intro song:

‘Feels’ - Kiiara

Outro song: 

'Grandmothersphere' - East Forest

Health Consultations: https://www.evolve2health.com/programs/


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Stephanie's first book, Thyroid First Aid Kit, is now available on Amazon! Simply search Thyroid First Aid Kit and it's the first book that pops up. Thank you for supporting a small author!

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