Have you ever met someone on Social Media that became an instant best friend, who you talk to every single day, but you've never met them in real life? In this day and age, making new friends on social media apps is the norm. To our generation, it doesn't feel weird to be best friends with someone we've never looked in the eyes. This week's podcast episode is an absolutely joyful one, as Stephanie travels to Denver to meet her Instagram BFF of over 5 years, Sara Hill. Sara grew up in the small South Carolina town that Stephanie had her spiritual awakening in, and since they are both frequent travelers they've never got to meet in person.... until now. Tune in to hear the powerful energy between these two, and get your notebook out as they share all the life lessons they've acquired through traveling the world!

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Spring by Ikson https://soundcloud.com/ikson

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The Git Up - Blanco Brown


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